How to write an essay?

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Understand that anything is possible in an essay.

If there is little room for wedoyouressay review and vivid experimentation in the midst of rigorous academic norms, it is the essay. Subjective impressions, metaphors, quirky associations, quotes from your favorite songs, and even narration on behalf of your favorite character from a TV series or book - use whatever you like. Incorporate into your text what you have been unable to express for so long during "formatted" lectures and seminars, what you have not expressed with limited scientific categories.

Do not forget the standards

The essay also has its own structure. The most creative teachers have few or no requirements for it. In such cases, however, basic common sense principles already come into play.

What is an essay?
An essay is a demonstration of your view of the world embodied in writing. If you don't want to be labeled "someone with logic problems," you should stick to the traditional way of text composition (introduction, main part, conclusion). Of course, there are possible exceptions: suddenly you decide to use the technique of hypertext you want to illustrate the textual manifestations of postmodernism.

Therefore, we choose the style and content of the essay depending on the specific task, topic, and goals. Usually essay as a form of control is used in humanities disciplines to check the presence of non-standard and analytical thinking. However, it will obviously look inappropriate when a physicist, instead of precise thesis, starts using philosophical reflections, or, on the contrary, an analyticalist focuses only on communicating some fact without interpreting it.

To use plagiarism is not to respect oneself. Don't you have your own point of view? Especially, compared to a term paper or essay, the volume of the essay is not so critical to resort to copy paste.

It is not just possible, but necessary to refer to any source. Referring to opinion leaders will automatically add weight to your essay. However, form each such phrase as a quotation, and indicate all the sources used in the list of references.

Get your thoughts together.

At this stage, you can wait a long time for inspiration, or you can use the "brainstorming" technique. A blank sheet only at the beginning of your work will remain so. You should not be afraid of this.

Carefully read the topic proposed for the essay. What associations, comparisons, facts immediately come to your mind? Write them down in their original form, separated by a comma or in a column. Put the document aside. If you have enough time, you can turn to the method of "insight": forget about the essay for a few days and keep reading literature or watching videos related to the topic. Our brain works in such a way that after a while you will suddenly understand and formulate the ideas necessary for the essay.

If the instructor recommended certain literature, find it. If not, look up previous writings on the topic on your own. Save the quotations that you liked, making sure to indicate the author and the source. Separately duplicate the source in the reference list.

Reread your thoughts and selected quotations. You may find that some of the quotes seamlessly complement and illustrate your point of view. It's a good time to combine them. Think of relevant examples or, if the format and topic of the essay permit, look for statistical data and analyze it. So step by step fill up your essay until you realize that there is enough material. Now you can write an introduction (a presentation, which is what we will talk about next) and draw conclusions.

It is better to do the last revision of the essay some time after writing, when the text and your brain have "cooled down" a bit. Pay attention to whether the logical structure is preserved, whether the arguments correspond to the mentioned theses, whether there are no mistakes. Think about it: if you were a teacher, would you be interested in reading this material?

Create a highlight.

Real recognition is when your text is kept for years and shown to other students as a model. It is essential that among the thousands of essays, it is yours that the instructor remembers. That's what the "highlight" is for.

If the format allows, an interesting design can be a special feature. Give the text in the form of a dialogue, a letter, a diary, an autobiography, a play - only your creativity sets the limits. Come up with an unexpected title, "loud" epigraphs, illustrations, for more progressive teachers you can even create an infographic. Offer out-of-the-box ideas and brilliant content - guaranteed to draw attention to your essay.

What is assessed in an essay?
What is an essay
Common mistakes when writing an essay
Understand that anything is possible in an essay.
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