Find the Right Product for your Amazon FBA business...

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Here I want to share with you guys some very useful tips to find a winning product for your Amazon Business...

40% failure in this business happens only due to the wrong product. And this part is so crucial as it makes or breaks this business.

So, before listing your products on amazon you should do some research on the products which you want to sell on amazon. I would suggest to you some product research tools that I have also been using for many of my clients to research a winning product for their Amazon Business.

1) Jungle Scout 2) Helium-10 3) Merchant Words 4) Viral launch 5) Keepa

By using these tools you can easily identify which product is good for you. (But JS & H10 are Must)

Now, what should be the criteria???

◾Selling Price: $5 - $50 USD
◾Monthly Revenue: >$5,000 USD
◾Competitor's Reviews: <350 Reviews
◾Ratings: 4.0 and Above of the top 16 sellers
◾High demand & Low competition with Good profit margin (25% at least)
◾Main Keyword Search Volume: Min. 5,000 (H10)
◾Competing Sellers: Less Than 30,000
◾Non-Seasonal & Non-breakable
◾Non-Amz or Brand dominant (No amazon or any other brand should be on 3 spots in top 5)

This is how I found many winning Amazon FBA products...

Feel free to ask any question related to Amazon FBA
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Nice! Where can I contact you in case I want to inquire for these products?

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