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This was applied with the collaboration of a slew of contemporary Los Angeles-based creatives, including Libertine (prints), Undefeated (nylons), Balt Getty (prints and bags), and AD.III (jewelry). Although so rooted in the last century, this collection looked - flared pants apart - convincingly contemporary and grounded in the reality of a creative and thrift - sifting dress sense.

I can't really find any news of this anywhere, but my go - to Japanese fashion site, Fashion Press, came through with the tip that Moncler and Ami partnered up for a new collection called "Moncler a" that launches this fall. I assume that "a" stands for Ami, since Moncler also has a women's collection coming out called "Moncler E" that is through a partnership Moncler Outlet with Erdem.

It's just got a lot better - looking. Liquid shine nylon laque, avant - garde cocoon silhouettes and neat boudin quilting have shaped and reformed the original duvet jacket, creating the iconic Moncler tropes of today.

Disney was just super - fun to work with. They created a little story of Kermit and Fozzie going to Paris for fashion week, but actually it was Paris, Texas, and Miss Piggy was left waiting for them in the wrong place.

The centerpiece of the new space is an impressive central staircase that connects the two floors almost like a ribbon with a sinuous helical shape. The mountain wear company debuted its newest line at New York Fashion Week yesterday, featuring a bunch of models so tightly bundled in quilted bombers, leather snow boots and knit turtlenecks they resembled sartorial yetis.