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Cristobal Balenciaga's 1967 single seam wedding dress seems like a good idea for right now, an expression of concision and ingenuity shown with a dramatic curved hat meant to act as the look's veil. That hat was first resurrected at the Balenciaga maison circa 2012. Fast-forward almost a decade, and the hat is making a second comeback at Burberry, Franoise, and Marine Serre Serre's wisely doubles as a face shield. Golden Goose Sale

The platform will be available to anyone in the U.K., with plans to expand into other markets soon. the outside of their feet. Washing hands in the outfit is only possible in a single-stall bathroom where you have the privacy to completely undress and mosey to the sink.

If there's one move I rely on to give my curly shag that extra oomph before I walk out the door, it's a tried-and-true flip and shake, which instantly lifts the roots and gives me more volume. Now, in the same spirit, I'm doing the brow-grooming equivalent, otherwise known as the pro's secret for how to get fuller brows fast: backcombing. 'It's basically the 'flip-your-head-over-and-shake-it-out' move, but for your brows! explains L.A. natural brow expert Kristie Streicher, who counts Vogue cover stars Adele and Lorde as clients. The technique entails using a spoolie to brush brow hairs against the direction of their natural growth pattern to achieve lift and volume.

One editor couldn't help but treat herself to a luxurious pajama set-because there's no chicer way to lounge on the couch rewatching Hocus Pocus or bingeing on Squid Games-while another unearthed the perfect red-red lipstick created by Gucci-definitely an easy way to zhuzh up those cozy fall outfits or all of those pending Zoom meetings.