Is it bad to like placing bets?

Veröffentlich am: 18.11.2021, 10:38 Uhr
I'm a bettor, and I'm worried that it's really bad to place bets and enjoy the game more after that. What do you think?
Veröffentlich am: 18.11.2021, 10:42 Uhr
I think it's because you're worried about the gambling addiction. And that's actually good because you haven't developed it yet.
Veröffentlich am: 18.11.2021, 10:48 Uhr
I don't think you have to worry about that. It's not bad at all, it's just your way of spending time and spicing up games so they are more interesting for you. I place bets myself, and since I check College football picks and predictions from time to time, I don't lose money, so I think something like that will be interesting for you as well.