For ideal workshop crane, Pakistan NO.1 Steel factory visit workshop crane company

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For ideal workshop crane, Pakistan NO.1 Steel factory visit workshop crane manufacturer.

Workshop cranes are widely used in various industries for more efficient material handling, especially in steel Industry. As a professional workshop crane company, Dongqi crane has being served many steel manufacturing factories with customized workshop cranes to improve their material handling efficiency and improve the productivity. As a well-known workshop crane company, Dongqi Crane will accept the visit of customers around world. Today, Dongqi Crane would like to invite you visit our crane company and factory with PSM, the first and largest Pakistan steel factory.

PSM , NO. 1 steel factory in Pakistan
Pakistan Peoples Steel Mills Ltd (PSM) is the first and largest steel factory of Pakistan which is a Certified ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 17025 company. The steel plant has the capability to produce steels according to all major international quality standards. PSML's Quality Assurance & Development Division also offers third party inspection including material testing services, NDT services (UT, MT, PT, RT & TOFD) and failure analysis to a wide spectrum of customers in the field of petro-chemicals, fertilizer, steel, & railways etc. In addition to these Peoples Steel has expertise in the field of Industrial Project & Services - Plant Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning. PSML's Industrial Projects & Services Division is engaged in Fabrication, Plant Erection, Inspection and Turnkey projects since last decade.

Dognqi crane company overview
In order to seek future cooperation, Dongqi Crane invites PSM engineers to visit our factory. Visit and see with your own eyes to get the ideal workshop cranes for your own steel factory.

Dongqi crane factory overview

Dongqi crane factory overview

Dongqi crane Factory is located in Dongqi Industry Park in Changyuan, Henan, the “Cradleland of Cranes”. It takes up 240,000 square meters and has 3600 employees including 500 technicians and over 70 senior engineers working and living there. Dongqi crane factory owns all kinds of manufacturing and detection devices up to 2000 sets. In order to give MPS a vivid understanding of Dongqi factory, we conduct the tour step by step.

Crane parts warehouse visiting
Crane parts workshop is the first stop. The crane company in origin was a state-owned crane spare parts company, which has been the crane parts supplier to well-known crane companies around world, such as DEMAG china, etc. So far, Dongqi Crane also suppling the crane parts to crane companies, and users around world.
Crane parts supplying is one of Dongqi Crane’s strength for better crane services. We begin the checking from crane parts warehouse, bearing (SKF brand, Switzerland), Hook, Wheel, Winding Drum, etc., stock and production lines.

Dongqi crane parts stock

Crane parts stock of Dongqi Crane

From the pictures, you can see clearly of the bearing, hook, wheel etc. Here i am pleasant to tell you that as a crane manufacturer, we can handle the whole production lines from crane parts to the whole set crane. So this is the greatest advantage for us to support you do the crane maintenance.

Crane girder production warehouse visiting
Crane girder as the one of the main part of overhead crane workshop is the second stop of our crane company visiting.

Crane girder welding
Crane girder welding

crane girder workshop

Crane girder workshop

During this process, Mr.Atif asked us about the welding joint testing:

“ How shall you test whether the weld joint satisfied the technical?”
“We test the weld joint by third party(Chinese government required) ,and the test tool is ultrasonic flaw detection detector”, answered by Dongqi’s crane engineer.

Crane trolley production warehouse visiting
Crane trolley is the powerful lifting mechanism of the crane. Dongqi crane trolley is one of the hottest crane parts.

For ideal workshop crane, Pakistan NO.1 Steel factory visit workshop crane company