Crane shipping notices solve your overhead crane and gantry crane shipping troubles

Veröffentlich am: 01.12.2021, 02:56 Uhr
As a professional overhead crane manufacturer and exporter, Dongqi Crane is very experienced at overhead crane and gantry crane shipping. After years of export experience, we have met many cases regarding shipping of overhead crane and gantry crane. There are some notices should be known by both of overhead crane and gantry crane supplier and buyer:

Crane shipping notice 1: Crane delivery before shipping
There are two ways for the overhead crane or gantry crane to be delivered to the shipping port.

1) Loading at supplier factory, crane supplier will send the overhead crane and gantry crane to the port by truck.
2) Contact with the crane shipping agent to send containers to the crane factory to load, because it is easier to load at factory site, sometimes the second way can save much handling charges at port site, what’s more, loading at factory site will protect the packing from being damaged.
Overhead crane loaded at crane factory
Overhead crane loaded at crane factory

Crane shipping notice 2: Crane sea freight
Sea freight of the overhead crane and gantry crane is not controlled by crane supplier. Sometimes overhead crane and gantry crane order confirmation will be a long period after quotation provided, thus there will be a sea freight difference from the quotation date to the order confirmation date, crane buyer should understand that the crane supplier can only control the material cost, while sea freight is out of control scope, thus crane supplier will update the sea freight to buyer the real sea freight, which maybe lower or higher than on the quotation sheet provided before.

Crane shipping notice3: Container or bulk ship?
Container and bulk ship are two most common shipping ways for overhead crane and gantry crane. The way of crane shipping should be confirmed before the production of overhead crane and gantry crane, because there is beam size problem:

1) If the beam size of overhead crane and gantry crane is less than 11.9m, container is the best choice for both of supplier and buyer,
2) If the beam size exceeds 11.9m, production will be in two ways: a) one is making the beams into segments to put in the containers, b) the other is making complete beams to ship on the bulk ship, that’s why buyer must provide this information in advance.
crane shipping
Overhead crane in container Overhead crane on bulking ship

crane loading on bulk ship
Overhead crane loading on bulking ship

Crane shipping notice 4: FOB
FOB, CFR and CIF are Incoterms. Crane supplier will accept all of the three trade Incoterms, but there are some points should be noted when crane buyers choose FOB Incoterms.
In this way, crane buyer should provide his shipping agent in advance to the crane supplier. Sea freight is paid by buyer to the agent, but some handing charges at delivery port is paid by supplier, therefore, crane supplier has the right to reject any unreasonable charges from crane buyer’s shipping agent; of course, crane supplier will communicate with crane buyer regarding the unreasonable charges until find a good shipping agent again.

Crane shipping notice 5: Destination port and custom clearance
Destination Port, generally there will be 7 days free of charge to stock in the warehouse at port, crane buyer should take delivery of goods within this period, or there will be demurrage charges each day.
In addition, crane supplier will remind crane buyer the ETD and ETA date of vessel, crane buyer should arrange the custom clearance work in advance, especially for long beam size overhead crane and gantry crane.

Crane shipping notice 6: Crane unpacking
Unloading and open packages of overhead crane and gantry crane at workshop, warehouse or factory site, if possible, please make videos or take photos of each package, in this way, crane buyer and crane supplier can check the quantities and quality together to avoid any misunderstandings in the following communications;

Some crane buyers will ask for supplier to provide engineer to do installation& commissioining work on site, in such case, crane buyer should keep the packages complete until the arrival of crane supplier’s engineer to open the packages together.

Crane shipping notices solve your overhead crane and gantry crane shipping troubles