Jib Crane or Bridge Crane: Which is your better handling solution choice?

Veröffentlich am: 01.12.2021, 03:21 Uhr
Jib cranes or Bridge cranes:
Sometimes you have this question: “Should I put in a bridge crane or a jib crane for my handling application?”The answer is not simple. Both crane solutions have advantages, you can check the following crane machine information to make a choice.

how to choose jib crane or bridge crane

Does a jib crane cost less? Not yet. Often times, jib cranes require a foundation or footing that requires excavating the floor and pouring new concrete, this is costly and time consuming. Conversely, a bridge crane/runway structure can often be self supporting without the need for these expensive footings or foundations.

Jib cranes are only for one area, right? Not necessarily. A well placed jib crane can often be placed to reach multiple work cells or machines allowing for one crane to perform multiple tasks for various lifting needs.

bridge crane and jib crane

Bridge crane has a better hook height, isn’t it? Well, No matter jib cranes or bridge cranes, both crane systems have the beam be the highest obstruction of the crane. True, bridge cranes offer a little more flexibility to improve lifting height (low headroom, double girder, suspension types, etc.) but for standard systems, they are with same applications.

Bridge cranes are always motorized and jib cranes are manual? Nope. Both systems can be manual (push/pull) or motorized. Often, the capacity and length of travel is the component that dictates whether a system is manual or motorized. By the way, either of these types of cranes, can be retrofitted to powered (motorized) in the future according to your requirements.
What should you consider when choosing a crane?
You should consider the hook travel/hook coverage and floor space. The bridge crane, without argument gives you the best hook coverage. A user can basically cover almost corner to corner of a room or work area whereas the jib crane has a radius and the hoist hook can only cover within the radius area.

how to choose bridge crane and jib crane

Hook coverage area and mounting footprint play important roles in dictating which type of crane to purchase. Think about where the crane will be located and what materials to be picked and lifted, maybe the crane systems choice will be more easier.
Jib Crane or Bridge Crane: Which is your better handling solution choice?