WotLK Classic: Resto Druid Resources?

Veröffentlich am: 21.10.2022, 09:46 Uhr
Being the only resto Druid in the raid, I’ve gotten a TON of gear in WotLK Classic,( about 4,200 gear score), but still, get absolutely dwarfed in healing numbers by the holy pally and (even more so) by the disc priest. In some fights, I almost can’t even see any damage being taken by the raid, yet those two have high healing numbers. In other fights, there’s plenty of damage but those classes are still on top by a mile. I’ve tried to follow the recommendations online about spell priority but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Is this just something we have to live with? Should I buy cheap WotLK Classic Gold? It doesn’t necessarily bother me a ton (and nobody has commented about my healing numbers) but I feel like with so much gear being given to me, I want to give back by being a better healer. In the meantime I’ve resigned myself to being the best at decreasing, watching for innervate needs, casting rebirth when needed, etc.

Would love any extra advice, especially from fellow resto Druids that are performing well.