I've been holding onto some USDT

Veröffentlich am: 13.04.2024, 21:08 Uhr
Hey everyone! I've been holding onto some USDT in TRC20 format and am looking to convert it into UAH and transfer it to my Monobank account. I'm a bit new to this, so does anyone have recommendations on a reliable service for this kind of exchange? Preferably something that won't hit me with hidden fees or long wait times.
Veröffentlich am: 13.04.2024, 21:13 Uhr
Hello! I totally get your concern, especially with the variety of options out there. You should check out CoinsBar https://www.coinsbar.net/en/exchange...-monobank-uah/ . They specialize in exchanging USDT (TRC20) to Monobank UAH and offer pretty competitive rates. Their service operates in a semi-automatic mode, and most transactions are processed within 5 to 60 minutes during their business hours. Plus, they prioritize security and quick transactions, ensuring your exchange is smooth and secure. They also maintain transparency with their fees and strive to offer the best exchange conditions. I've used them before and found their service straightforward and reliable. For your specific needs, their website has detailed instructions on how to complete your exchange, and they're really helpful if you're new to this. You can find more details and start an exchange on their website.