Can "social media" resist misinformation from the US election?

Veröffentlich am: 30.07.2021, 03:13 Uhr
Prior to the November 3 US election, social superslot media providers such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube had promised to deal with misinformation. Electoral But social media experts found that These technology companies' measures are not effective in dealing with false information. Or misrepresentation As reported by the Associated Press.
The social media test kicks off on the morning of Nov. 4, while scorecards are still counted in battle states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. When President Donald Trump speaks at the White House Citing false information about the scores. He also posted misleading messages about the election on Facebook and Twitter.
Trump previously tried to undermine the credibility of the postal vote. And made it clear that he wanted to get the results of the election when the polling booth was closed on Nov. 3.
What these social media companies do It is to make warning strips on posts that are false or misleading posts about the election to warn readers. Twitter's warning sometimes obscured the original post. Causing the recipient to click on the warning Before seeing the actual post Making it possible to share less
TikTok is a popular video app for young people. Reported on Wednesday The company has taken the video from the accounts of the influential users. Who claimed to have cheated on this election Facebook and YouTube sections I have attached correct and official information on posts concerning the election. Or there is information attached under the YouTube video That the election results were not finalized And attach a link to the election results page and other information
“We have seen what we hope to see. But that's not enough Especially in the case of Facebook, ”Shannon McGregor, assistant professor of journalism at the University of North Carolina, told the AP news agency.
McGregor was also blamed. The media and social media that do not control the dissemination of misinformation about election results. Instead, he chose to convey what the US leader said was false, President Trump was not the only one who posted on social media was warned. But also Republican senators. And the Democrats who announced Joe Biden's victory before the vote was over.
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No, social media can never resist misinformation from the US election, and it will be the case here, as well. If you read the article, you'll see that there are so many people who are spreading misinformation.