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Another record that has been subject to multiple delays, but looks set to be finally released this summer, is Drake's sixth album, Certified Lover Boy. She seems to bring a piece of herself to every shoe. Stephen Tayo is on the ground to shoot the best street style looks in between the shows.

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wear high-waisted pants as much as they wear low-rise jeans. Burda and Pallais consider their own grandmothers Sano muses; the co-founders and childhood best friends tell Vogue, they share a common passion for rummaging through our grandmothers' closets in pursuit of finding vintage treasures.

The slippers are also priced just right, which is why I recently decided to treat myself to a second pair in ruby red. But tiny scarves get a bad rap. The event followed nearly a week's worth of Mytheresa activations that included a luncheon at the Bel Golden Goose Sale Air Hotel and a style suite at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

At the Casa, everything is crafted by hand and shopgoers can take their pick between varying heel heights and a rainbow of colors. First, guests wandered down a winding, candlelit outdoor path, straight to the swankiest living room area, where an energetic choir filled the room with sounds of everything from Beyonce's Daddy Lessons to Bill Withers' Lovely Day.

We especially love Prada's all-black hiker boots and Dr. While other celebrities are wearing a practical thong heel or sandal, letting their toes see the sunrays, Shayk is opting for fabulous clunkers. My dad only ever wore suits when I was growing up, even when he wasn't at his office job! To add a little extra length in the leg, he'd pair his suits with snazzy Cuban heels.