Golden Goose Sneakers two months

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The makeup works to support the cinematic tension, says Richardson. It is transformative, moody, and utterly compelling in a powerful, irresistible way. I've also been working on new music for the last two months, I have a single coming out at the end of the summer, and I also have just finished my memoir, releasing in the fall. Oh, and he'll also be portraying the Fairy Godmother in September's Cinderella.

The BIFC Discovery Showroom is far from the council's only plans to make the industry more inclusive for Black creatives. It has just announced a partnership with Depop for a content series that will spotlight Black designers and share helpful industry insights, and it's also working to promote more Black designers in corporate positions.

Walking in a straight line can prove problematic for me-something that's been a running joke in my family since I was a child. My little ballerina, my mom would call me. Despite her frustration with the sartorial selection, she found that the experience completely changed her view on her body and her breasts. I appreciate my body so much now for what it can do for my son, she says.

Another special pair in the exhibit is a pair of brocade boots that Versace had made for Prince as a gift it was made by shoemaker Cos Kyriacou, using Versace fabric. Versace and Prince had a relationship that spanned over two decades, says Maguire.

Maybe a pair of loafers or flat boots that were Golden Goose Sneakers easy to slip on and off, or anything with real soles that don't smudge the floors but will keep me grounded should I step outside. I've now been wearing actual shoes at home for the last two weeks and I can safely say that the simple addition of beautiful, practical footwear has become transformative.