The biggest win in esports was 15 million $

Veröffentlich am: 24.04.2021, 15:01 Uhr
In the topic about the income of esports players. To date, the largest registered prize pool was a prize of $ 15 million, which was awarded to the winning team in the Dota 2 tournament. Another prize for the same Dota was 10 million, of course, divided into teams. But for League of Legends, the prizes are smaller. The largest was 3 million, and another one was crowned with a prize of 2.6 million. Of course, the money is also substantial, but the difference, nevertheless, is still huge.
Veröffentlich am: 26.04.2021, 18:44 Uhr
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Yeah, I love Dota 2 tournaments because of their high prize pools. The game itself is also extremely interesting.
Veröffentlich am: 19.07.2021, 01:42 Uhr
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Veröffentlich am: 19.07.2021, 18:14 Uhr
Winnings in esports tournaments can be really big. If you are looking for information about CS:GO tournaments (which also have millions of dollars in prizes), you may want to check out the CS:GO tournament page. There are lots of updates about the game, including esports.
Veröffentlich am: 25.07.2021, 18:31 Uhr
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Hello guys! It's a pity that I don't really like Dota. I like to play rust more. Are there any more rust players here?
Veröffentlich am: 26.11.2021, 08:46 Uhr
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