Material Handling: What is Workstation Cranes Systems?

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What is a workstation crane?
Workstation cranes are user-friendly, ergonomic cranes that help workers perform material handling tasks with less risk of injury.
Freestanding workstation crane systems are typically used to support manufacturing activities, transporting materials or components from one process to the next.
They are used in a variety of applications to support processing and handling throughout a facility.
This crane machine allow workers to move materials by hand using a hoist or other attachment.
workstation crane systems for material handling
Working principle of workstation bridge crane:
Workstation bridge cranes can be installed by mounting directly to a building’s ceiling support structure, or with a freestanding system of columns.
They move loads from side to side and backward and forward, covering a rectangular area.
A lifting and horizontal movement device is put on a bridge beam of one or more horizontal girders, supported at either end by end trucks.
The end trucks are attached at right angles to the bridge and move on fixed runways.
Why choose workstation crane systems?
Workstation cranes systems can be easily relocated when needed, so they are ideal for rented facilities or when workflow changes are necessary.
Workstation bridge cranes eliminate manual lifting, allowing a single worker to move loads from one workstation to another.
They can supplement or replace multiple jib cranes or forklifts used for material handling and free-up existing overhead cranes for larger loads.
Workstation Bridge Cranes can be freestanding or ceiling-mounted and can be fully customized, including telescoping bridges, motorized drives, and more. Contact us and Learn more!
Material Handling: What is Workstation Cranes Systems?