How Much Do You Know About Wire Rope Guide?

Veröffentlich am: 01.12.2021, 04:33 Uhr
The wire rope guide is an indispensable partner on the electric wire rope hoist. Without a high-quality rope guide, the electric hoist will not operate normally or the service life will be greatly shortened. So how much do you know about the wire rope guide? What is the role of the wire rope guide on the wire rope hoist?

What is a rope guide?
The rope guide is also called the rope arranging device. It is one of the accessories of the electric wire rope hoist. Its function is to make the wire ropes neatly arranged on the drum to prevent the wire ropes from being chaotic and overlapping, which may cause mechanical failure and damage to the electric hoist. Since the wire rope of the electric hoist can only be wound in a single layer on the drum, without this rope guide, the wire rope will be entangled randomly, which will affect the lifting height and greatly shorten the service life of the wire rope.

The role of the wire rope guide on the wire rope hoist is very simple, but very important. Without it, the electric hoist cannot operate normally. Therefore, the component must be maintained and checked frequently to see if there is any abnormality, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced in time. With the extension of the machine's use time, the wear of the rope guide will become more and more serious. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the wear degree of the components in time.

The traditional CD1 electric hoist (single speed electric hoist) and MD1 electric hoist (double speed electric hoist) now use circular rope guides. The rope guide itself cannot rotate. When the reel rotates, it will be wound with the wire rope and moved along the axial direction driven by the thread groove. The wound wire rope can be accurately introduced and led out of the spiral groove of the reel at any time. The wire rope is driven by the rope guide. The gap is discharged. When the wire rope guide is working, the lateral force is very large, so it is often easy to cause breakage, and it is one of the most vulnerable parts on the electric hoist. We usually list it in the list of wearing parts. When customers purchase electric hoists, they will also remind customers that they can reserve several rope guides as spare parts.

In recent years, the emerging European-style electric hoist is also equipped with a rope guide. We have optimized the structure and material of the rope guide to make it more friendly to wire ropes and have a longer service life. Of course, the new rope guide cannot be installed on a traditional electric hoist.

The characteristics of the rope guide
Avoid the entanglement of the wire rope and ensure the normal operation of the electric hoist;
Extend the service life of steel wire rope and drum;
Good interchangeability and stable quality.
If you buy or are using our electric hoist and find that the rope guide has worn out during use, please contact us in time to buy a new wire rope guide. Continuing to use the worn rope guide will cause damage to the wire rope of the electric hoist, which will not only increase the maintenance cost, but also affect the safety of the product.

How Much Do You Know About Wire Rope Guide?