What is Frequency conversion wire rope electric hoist

Veröffentlich am: 01.12.2021, 05:09 Uhr
The frequency conversion electric hoist uses the frequency converter to change the power frequency. To control the rotation of the motor. The variable frequency electric hoist has the following characteristics: It can reduce the impact during starting and stopping

Because the electric hoist has the performance of smooth running, it can reduce the shock when starting and stopping, and is especially suitable for working environments where vibration is not allowed. The lifting speed can be set as required

The lifting speed can be set from 1/.0 rated speed to rated speed to select a suitable operating speed. Can improve work efficiency

Under no-load, the lifting speed can be set between the rated speed and 15 times the rated speed to increase the running speed under no-load to improve work efficiency. Can easily set the running speed of the trolley

The frequency conversion control of the running electric stage can be carried out through the frequency converter, which can conveniently make the running motor run at a low speed, improve the accuracy of running positioning, and can also perform jog operation.

What is Frequency conversion wire rope electric hoist